A star is born? 

Is your dog an especially talented furry fellow? If so, he may be cast, through EASTWIND Actors, and possibly land a role in an advertisement or even in a blockbuster movie.  

Like all our training courses, EASTWIND ACTORS begins with an assessment of your dog’s natural tendencies. Is he calm and eager to please? If so, he may have what it takes to make his (or your) acting dreams come true.

Our little actors are trained on site at our state-of-the-art facilities. We begin with basic obedience training and move on to more complicated nonverbal commands. Eventually our canine stars learn the specific techniques they will need on set such as finding their marks, responding to on-camera cues and performing adorable tricks on demand.

We train our actors using positive reinforcement methods and emphasize the fun in what the dogs are learning. The dogs are stimulated and amused as they learn new skills all while being trained to focus and ignore distractions, an indispensable skill on a camera set.

Once your little star has completed the course, EASTWIND will help you to prepare him for casting calls and interviews. We will alert you of opportunities and help you to navigate the confusing world of animal acting.

Charly Chaplin

This course will bring out the little actor or comedian hidden inside your precocious little friend.  

He will learn useful and amusing tricks that will keep him active and stimulated while putting a smile on your face: