Puppy Courses


Puppies are lovable additions to any family. The little messes puppies make, however, are not so lovable. This is where Eastwind comes in with our Puppy Training Courses; we train your puppy to be clean in and around your home and alleviate the prohibitive challenges of housebreaking your new fur baby.  

Enroll your pup in this course, and you will alleviate any needless worries you have about expensive rugs and couches. 


Puppy behavior is like dough, easily shaped and modified. In this course, your pup will acquire his understanding of human communication. The trainer will teach him what is and what is not acceptable, as well as help you to establish your authority.

All training is implemented through games and positive reinforcement. 

Once your Puppy has completed the EASTWIND training course at the kennel or at your home, it will be time for you to take charge! You will learn how to best benefit from your puppy’s newly acquired skills and how to maintain them.