Dog Training Maintenance


At EASTWIND, we believe that dog training maintenance is crucial when it comes to dog training.  learning is a lifetime process, you are never “done” learning. In the same way, dogs are never “done” training.

Although the more intense aspects of training will diminish after a course is finished, your furry friend will need to practice his skills in order to maintain and enhance them.

Each day your pooch practices and responds to your commands, his understanding of the command language becomes stronger and more accurate. Moreover, maintenance training will help keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated. Keep him challenged, and you will keep him happy.

Obedience Maintenance  

Are you too busy to maintain your dog’s daily training routine? No Problem: Eastwind will send a trainer to your home once or twice a week to practice general obedience training techniques. He will continue to hone his skills while increasing his responsiveness to all commands.
We will keep him working and engaged; he will love it, and you will love the results!  

Protection Maintenance 

Given today’s security challenges, precision training and preparedness are vital. Your dog is your guardian, so keep him sharp.
A protection dog needs challenges to stay in the game. Our experts can visit once or twice per week to simulate variable situation-drills and maintain his readiness.