Dog Training


Eastwind’s dog training covers training puppies, adult dogs, and even some old dogs to perform new tricks. EASTWIND has been helping to build healthy and loving relationships between parents and fur babies since 1999.

EASTWIND dogs are trained to have better social skills, ignore distractions, focus on your commands during walks and to perform fun new tricks you can show off to other dog parents. Training methods and courses will differ according to your needs and your dog’s age and breed, but no matter what the training requirement, EASTWIND will provide the solution.  


Training begins with an assessment: An EASTWIND professional trainer will evaluate your dog’s behavior, natural drives, and modes of communication in order to design the most suitable training program for him.  

The dog-parents will also be assessed. We will address your needs and the time and commitment you can contribute to the training process. Dog training requires commitment from both the dog and the dog parent for an optimal outcome. Contact us to book your consultation with a professional dog trainer.

Board & Train 

This training option is the preferred choice for busy dog parents.  Boarding school allows your pup to take full advantage of EASTWIND’s top notch training facilities and expert training methods. In addition to daily training sessions, he will participate in socialization, fitness and recreational activities, all while under the watchful eyes of our caring, knowledgeable staff.

Home Training

Would you like to be more involved in the training process without sacrificing convenience? If so, then home training is the choice for you.

EASTWIND will send a professional trainer to your home to train your dog with you. Your pooch will benefit from learning in a familiar and secure environment, and you will benefit from the enhanced bond that forms between you and your dog when you are a part of the training.
In this option, dog parents will need to make sure to practice with their dogs in between sessions, which will lead to many rewarding play time adventures for parent and pup.