Lifestyle Commands

At EASTWIND, we value the bond between dog and human; with our dog lifestyle commands we create a shared language that both of you can understand. Through this language, you will discover how fulfilling it is to have a dog as a companion and not just as a pet.

The dog is trained to go to his bed or mat and stay until ordered otherwise. This command is useful when you have guests, or simply when you need a break.

The dog will learn to immediately enter his kennel from a distance, upon command.

This command is used when you want your dog to wait outside and not to enter a room. The opposite is also true, when you expect your dog to wait inside as you go out.

The dog is trained to fetch the ball from land or sea, leading to many hours of fun and play for you and your furry friend.

The dog learns to release a ball or any object upon command. 

This command is useful on the beach or in any place where the parent would like the dog to go into the water. 

Have you ever been dressed in your finest only to end up with dog hair all over your clothes? Next time give this command and your playful pooch will know to be still and not jump on you.

A fun command where the dog is trained to lift his paw towards the person mimicking a handshake.  

The dog will be trained to leave his place and go out, a useful home command.