Adult Dogs Courses (+ 6 months)

Adult Dog Obedience Training Egypt

EASTWIND Dog Training offers a range of advanced training courses specifically designed for adult dogs. Our comprehensive program is designed to improve your dog’s obedience skills and take them to the next level. Whether you want to enhance their existing skills or teach them new advanced commands, our courses are tailored to meet your needs.

In Egypt, adult dog obedience training is considered an art, and our skilled trainers utilize positive reinforcement techniques to ensure that your pet enjoys the learning process. With our advanced training courses, you can expect your dog to master complex commands, develop better impulse control, and become more reliable and responsible.

By enrolling your dog in one of our adult training courses, you will witness remarkable progress in their skills while simultaneously strengthening the bond between you and your furry companion. Take advantage of this perfect opportunity to develop your dog’s advanced abilities. Enroll today and embark on an exciting training journey together!

Adult Dog Training

Companions courses 

Adult dog courses focus on obedience training, which is more than teaching your dog a command, it is teaching him a set of canine social skills that will allow both of you to feel relaxed in public and in private. The following are the most comprehensive obedience and lifestyle courses around:

Your puppy/dog will learn how to calmly react to the sounds of other dogs, cars and people as well as navigate streets and crossroads. After completing this course, you and your pup will enjoy stress-free outings and daily walks.

Your dog will learn to be less sensitive to the sounds of lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners, hair blowers and other such devices, which often trigger stress and negative reactions in dogs. This course is also useful for waterfowl hunters who want to take their retrievers with them. 

puppies use their mouths to express excitement or ask for attention. The biting, however, often becomes excessive, and so we train puppies to channel their excitement and seek attention in more acceptable ways. 

No need to worry about your dog jumping on you and dirtying your clothes after this course. Your dog will learn to meet and greet you in a calmer and more acceptable manner.

Beach and Park Etiquette: Your dog will learn the proper behavior for public areas, so that you may enjoy a stress-free outing with your furry friend.

Your dog will learn to wait for your command to get in or out of the car, alleviating chaotic rides with your pooch.

Adult Dog Obedience Training Egypt
Advanced Training Courses for Adult Dogs

his command saves dogs’ lives by teaching them to bypass poisoned baits. The dog is trained to not eat anything from the street or the garden.

The leash is the physical connection between you and your dog. In this course your dog will develop an understanding of this connection and learn to take cues from you through the leash. Gone are the days of stumbling and falling as you are being pulled by your dog.

This advanced obedience course is designed for those parents who want to push the limits of communication and control their dog’s behavior from a distance.  Through practice and the guidance of an EASTWIND trainer, you will connect with your dog on an entirely new level.